Pop-Up Wedding KC

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a marriage licenses?  Where do I apply?

Prices vary from county to county, but in general they should be under $100.  Here are some links with information on how to apply for licenses and where.  Note: You will need to apply for the license in the county that the pop-Up wedding will be held.

Jackson County

Johnson County

Can I have bridesmaids and groomsmen?

Yes.  Just remember we only plan on 20 chairs and 20 invites for our basic pop-up. If you need more people contact us about our custom pop-ups that can be customized to meet any needs.

Will the officiate take care of filing my marriage license for me after the ceremony?

Yes, Pastor Timmy will provide that service and it is included in the Pop-UP Wedding fee. There may be other costs as to obtaining a copy for yourself.

When do I receive my photos?  Do I have all rights to print?

You will receive your photos within 2 weeks after your ceremony. We will send you a link so that you can download all of them. You will have all copyrights to the photos.

What if I have some specific ceremony request?

We are open to all specific requests and will try and grant them based on time and practicality. It's your wedding, so all you have to do ask! But, in general, Pop-UP weddings are pre-designed to be simple, intimate affairs.

Can I pick out my flowers, cake, invitations and champagne?

Generally, these items will either be predetermined or there will be a minimal selection to choose from. However, there are no guarantees. The idea of the Pop-UP wedding is that we've taken care of the stressful planning by relying on quality wedding professionals and their talents, so there's less planning for the couple to do. 

How close to the Pop-UP date can I book?

We would like to have at least a weeks notice, but in some cases we could pull off one with shorter notice.  Note: booking late will not allow enough time for us to get you physical invitations, not to mention mailing them. We will provide you with a digital version to share with your guest and you would also be able to print them yourself.

Can we get transportation to the ceremony site, airport?

Yes. We can suggest Showtime Transportation for a variety of transportation options for you. They can transport just the two of you or all 20 of your guest. Additional costs will be incurred.

How do I bring my ceremony music?  Can I play music after the ceremony?

You can bring your music on any device that has a headphone jack. Please have your music choices organized for the ceremony in a playlist. You are welcome to play music after the ceremony on your device from a playlist or streaming service, if available. And don't forget to charge your battery!

Can I have live music?

Yes, as long as it is acoustic and not amplified. We cannot guarantee a power supply for live music or that our location would allow amplification. You will also be responsible for any cost of the musical performers.  We do have a few recommended musicians if you need help finding someone.  Just Ask

I'm wanting to do a LGBTQ ceremony, can you do that?

Yes. Pastor Timmy has a variety of ceremony options.

Cancellation Policy?

If you choose to cancel your order at least forty-five (45) days before the scheduled wedding date, Pop-UP Wedding KC will issue a full refund minus one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) processing fee and the cost of any pre-ordered materials or items (invitations, cake, floral, etc...).  Cancellation of your order after forty-five (45) days prior to the event will result in full forfeiture of the amount paid.  If weather or other circumstance causes a change in venue and you choose not to hold your wedding at the Alternate Location provided by Pop-UP Wedding KC, no refund shall be issued.

What if it rains or other weather related issues?

It's good luck if it rains on your wedding day! In the event of inclement weather or other intangibles, we will relocate to an indoor location to hold your ceremony. Indoor space will vary based on availability.

Is there sales tax on the wedding price?

Yes, Uncle Sam will be collecting tax from your ceremony. Our tax rate is %9.6.  This will be a line item on your final invoice.   If you have further tax questions just ask.